WoodsCan Hornet
Rechargeable Electric Air Horn

The world’s most advanced signaling device for sport and recreational safety.

WoodsCan Hornet Sport Rechargeable Electric Air Horn - the world's most advanced signaling device for recreational and industrial safety.

Animal Deterrent

Bears have hearing twice as sensitive as humans, and they can be frightened-off by a loud startling sound.

The Hornet rechargeable electric air horn will reliably deliver that startling sound at 121 decibels for 35 minutes per battery charge.

Boater Safety

In Canada and the US, regulations require that all boats carry some form of sound signaling device. In Canada, it must be audible for a minimum of 0.93 km. In the US, for boats up to 65 feet (20 meters), it must be audible for a 1/2 mile.

In both cases, the Hornet air horn exceeds these requirements.

Other Uses

The Hornet air horn is perfect for use in sporting events, particularly for starting races including cycling, running, triathlons, motocross, sailing regattas, shotgun starts at golf courses, paintball, surfing competitions…and many more!

What Consumers Are Saying

“I took a chance on this air horn with no reviews posted so far, but it’s exactly what I wanted for some added safety while backcountry camping, hiking and kayaking on Vancouver Island. I love that it’s rechargeable and it’s LOUD!”

Victoria M. - Nanaimo, BC

Meeting in Their Homes and Ours

In the wild where they live, bears and other large animals generally prefer to avoid humans, but chance encounters often occur given the outdoor activities that so many of us love. Bears can also be attracted to the scent of food at campsites and around people’s homes by their keen sense of smell.

Air Horns Work!

Research has shown that bears have hearing twice as sensitive as humans, and they can be frightened-off by a loud startling sound, especially one that is foreign to them.

For years, air horns have proven to be effective as a bear (and other animal) deterrent by providing that loud startling sound, that is, when they work properly. Unfortunately, disposable compressed gas air horns have also proven to be unreliable and are extremely bad for the environment. A single 5 oz. can will only last a minute or so at best, it may not work at all in cold weather, and its sound volume diminishes the longer you use it. It also uses an extremely potent greenhouse gas as a propellent.

The Hornet rechargeable electric air horn only uses air, it will reliably deliver 121 decibels of sound for 35 minutes per battery charge, and the sound volume will not diminish. This gives you the freedom to use a Hornet as both a deterrent when you see an animal a long way off, or in a preventative way when you are concerned that one may be nearby, and you simply want to let them know you are there. Neither of these can be done with bear spray, and the Hornet air horn is completely harmless.

The Hornet is a patented, rechargeable (battery powered) air horn that is safe to use and reliable. Perhaps best of all, one Hornet air horn can replace thousands of disposable air horns over the course of its useful life.

Protecting People. Protecting Planet.