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WoodsCan Hornet Rechargeable Electric Air Horn - the world's most advanced signaling device for industrial and recreational safety.

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About Us

WoodsCan Industries Inc., based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, manufactures the finest rechargeable electric air horns in the world.

WoodsCan’s value proposition is based on the improved performance, safety and reliability of our air horns vs. buying disposable compressed gas air horn refills. Being rechargeable allows for the recovery of the initial cost within a few weeks of purchase, with even greater savings thereafter.

Companies typically offer solutions that are either less expensive or environmentally friendly, and a consumer is invariably faced with having to choose one or the other. WoodsCan’s patented solution to safety signaling air horns eliminates this dilemma – users have a safe, reliable product that is both cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than conventional alternatives.

Meet Our Team

WoodsCan is a team of individuals with a singular, shared passion for making the world a better place, primarily from a safety standpoint, but also by providing an environmentally responsible solution for safety signalling. Whether on a construction site, or standing on a railway track watching for trains while maintenance crews do their work, or on a boat in need of assistance, our Hornet air horn provides a reliable and safe solution. Doing our part for a safer and cleaner planet.

David Woods

President & Founder

Dave has over 30 years of experience in the heavy construction and blasting industries, for the most part, being tasked with projects where innovative thinking is required to provide a unique solution for an unusual problem. He has an aptitude for seeing the obvious solution, when others often didn’t even realize there was a problem. It’s that kind of mind that came up with the WoodsCan Hornet – a patented, rechargeable air horn for the blasting industry, and many other applications. There had to be a more reliable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safer solution than using (and throwing away) millions of cans of compressed greenhouse gas every year…he was right.

Michael Marek

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Michael has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development in the technology sector. This unique combination of skills allows him to take on a broad spectrum of roles in these areas. This has proven especially valuable for small companies in the pre-revenue and initial product launch phase of their growth and development, and also for companies that are successfully growing and expanding their distribution channels. Michael has always gravitated toward ethical and environmentally responsible businesses, making WoodsCan an excellent fit.

Jake Los

Manufacturing & Logistics

Jake is an excellent, versatile choice for this role. His broad range of experience in all things related to manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics makes him a real powerhouse, while all the while keeping an eye on doing it all in the most cost effective way possible. Jake’s similar values of doing business with an eye to its impact on the environment, and the legacy we are leaving for future generations, has injected even more passion for what we do into the team.

What Consumers Are Saying


“I took a chance on this air horn with no reviews posted so far, but it’s exactly what I wanted for some added safety while backcountry camping, hiking and kayaking on Vancouver Island. I love that it’s rechargeable and it’s LOUD!”


“I have been using the WoodsCan blasting horn on a daily basis for urban and downtown blasting procedures since it was first introduced. Never would I want to go back to an aerosol device. With the in-truck quick charge, I have never yet been in a position where my signal warning device fails to work. In my line of work this is imperative. Every blaster that I come in contact with either has one or wants one…they work!”


“Our decision to change was based on the fact that compressed gas air horns were an ongoing cost to the company, as much as $6,200 per year…Life got better all-round. We save money and have a very reliable blast signaling horn.”


Our Trusted Dealers

We have a strong and growing industrial dealer network around the world. Please contact a dealer near you for information on pricing and availability in your area.

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The world’s most advanced signaling device for industrial and recreational safety. Regardless of your application, the WoodsCan Hornet will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.